Create meaningful conversations that move leads to closure — because time kills deals

Move past pitching, and win your prospects over through focused perspectives that speak to their pain points and current industry challenges.
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You’ve qualified the lead.
But how do you keep their attention?

In today’s world, buy cycles are shifting away from outbound email cadences to non-purchasing intent channels — social media, online communities, and conversations with peers.

Tailored and in-context communications are needed now more than ever. However, business development and account executives are often unequipped with the context, examples, or case studies required to close the deal.

Deliver distilled insights
that go straight to the heart
of customer pain points

Go beyond discussions about top-level use cases for your product and identify the critical business issues that face your prospects.

By connecting industry trends and current events to the impact on buyers, powerful sales and account-based marketing teams can build relationships and share how industry leaders are solving challenges — as well as how prospects can navigate new changes.

Are you selling — or are you helping them buy?

Merkle studies show that 65% of B2B buyers believe companies are more interested in selling their own products than listening to their needs.

We equip Sales, Sales Enablement, and Account-Based Marketing teams with the tools they need to stop deals from going cold by educating, authentically engaging, and building trust with prospects.

The best sales organizations ditch the pitch and have authentic conversations that provide prospects with insights, context and a roadmap to better outcomes.

Is yours one of them?

Our 3-Step Process

Research trends relevant to your ICPs

We research and analyze key industry trends that are relevant to your target markets and named accounts. We focus on the publications, podcasts, thought leaders, and media that your ICPs turn to for advice.

Curate content to engage your ICPs

We analyze and select authoritative content that aligns with key challenges facing your ICPs and organize by topic, industry and buyer role for easy retrieval by your sales reps.

Contextualize insights for conversations

For each piece of content, we explain the business implications on the buyer's company and role – including quantifying the impact. We also provide accompanying talking points so sales reps can confidently share the insights in meaningful conversations throughout the sales cycle.

Always know what to say next

Build trust. Increase engagement. Close more deals.
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